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Jan 04,2006 by Elton


Welcome to our site. It’s about Mull.


I could leave it there and let you read the rest of the content and make your own mind up as to what it’s about, but some background information won’t harm....


This site is about Mull and it is about the rally that’s held there every year. It is not, however, an ‘official’ site and nor is it an attempt to be. It is a “fan’s eye view” of the event, the island and its people. The 2300 Club already have an excellent website, with up-to-date news and images to satisfy that  - see


No, there’s a lot more to Mull than a lot of fast cars (although they do make it even more interesting for petrolheads!). This site intends to take a look at some of them, including what it’s like to visit the island, how to get there (which can be an experience in itself!), what it’s like to watch the rally, what it’s like to compete and so on.


We’ll have articles about accommodation, pubs, places to eat and maybe even fishing! We aim to add a bit of everything, time permitting.


And that’s not it!


We’d like to hear from you.


Ever been there as a competitor? A fan? Or even just on holiday?


Do you live on Mull? Perhaps you own a business there?


Whatever your connection, we’d love to hear from you and, hopefully, add something from you to this site.


All articles submitted will be added free of charge and, where appropriate, link to your own website.


So, whether you’re a competitor looking to get added exposure for your sponsors, a business looking to make the most of the internet or even just a member of the public who would love to share their experiences with the world, please feel free to contact


For the rest of you, take the co-driver’s seat just there, strap yourself in and take a look around the rest of this site. Careful, though, as we may be taking that bend up there flat out!

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