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Part 1 ~ Ready for something a little different?

Jan 08,2006 by Julian Grattidge

We’re often asked by those who have never been to Mull what it’s like to be involved with such an event - the build up, the rally itself and the come-down afterwards. Well, it’s a tricky one to put into words, but in this section of the website we’ll have a go, if you like, our ‘rough guide’ to the best rally in the world. Based on a competitor’s point of view we’ll cover everything from the build up right through to the victory parade.


The Tour of Mull · Ready for something a little different?


From the outset it’s difficult to get across just what the Tour means to those who go each year; mainly because if you’ve not been, then it’s highly likely you’ve never experienced anything quite like it before in your life. It’s not just the rally, the island or the people; it’s all those things blended together plus a whole lot more! There is some sort of ‘magical’ ingredient which seems to get thrown into the mix that makes people return to the island time and time again.


You’ll hear regulars say that they count down the days to the Tour of Mull each year - and it’s no joke! I’ve lost count of the times I’ve sat at Craignure waiting for the ferry home and all I can think about is coming back the following year. As such, it’s never out of peoples thoughts for long as so many rally crews see it as their high point of the year. Indeed there are a great many crews whose only event each year is Mull, such is the draw of this historic closed-road event.

If you’re going to do one event this year, make sure it’s Mull!

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