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Part 2 ~ Preparing for Mull

Jan 08,2006 by Julian Grattidge

For those whose only event each year is Mull; the build up usually starts the day after you get back from the previous years outing, as you sit and ponder the modifications required to get you those extra few seconds over Gribun! The following few months are usually spent stripping down various components on the car and checking for any wear and other potential problems, and all being well, the car can then be reassembled, no doubt with the addition of a few more bolt-on goodies!


January is usually the time to double check accommodation, secure the digs and work out who’s staying in which digs and with whom. It’s surprising how complicated things can get but when you consider that each car may have as many as five or six people with it, including; driver, navigator, service crew and chase crew, things can quickly get crowded. In addition, Mull is usually a ‘family affair’ as nobody wants to miss out on all the fun, so in addition there are always wives, husbands, partners, kids and friends who also tag along.


Once back in the garage it’s time to think about ‘mods’.


As Summer arrives it’s time to take a gamble and get the ferry crossings booked for cars vans and trailers, after which you are really awaiting the arrival of the regs. Once completed and returned the controlling motor club have the unenviable task of whittling down all the applicants to just 160 starters. Once the entry list has been completed and you get your conformation of a run then the real countdown begins.


Preparation for Mull starts long before the event itself!

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