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Part 8 ~ Rally Leg-3

Jan 08,2006 by Julian Grattidge

Although there is brief rest bite between the second leg and the final nights stages, not only is it small, but after all the energy and commotion of the first two legs, it seems almost not existent. Since the start of the event some 24-hours previous, the whole affair seems to roll into one sleepless blur, and before you know it, you are preparing the car for the last leg, a further five stages across the unforgiving single track roads of Mull - assuming you made it this far of course!

The Course-Car gets the final night’s stages underway


The final night stages during leg-3 see energy levels sapped to their lowest yet · a true test of stamina and endurance for all involved. The drivers set out for the final foray across the islands stages from a special start-ramp send off in Salen. Once off the start ramp and on route to the first of the final leg’s stages it’s time for the reckoning. Each crew will know exactly where they lie in the proceedings. More importantly they will know exactly who is in front and who is behind, and what the time differences are right down to the last second. Leg-3 is the final push.


As the final leg gets underway crews will be faced with one of two options. If the car in front on the leader board is uncatchable, then it’s a case of sustaining the lead over the car behind to ensure you keep the position you are in. However, if the final set of stages could possibly allow you to catch and pass the car in front, then surly you have to go for it · win or bust!


That said, to finish first you first have to finish! The final leg is no walkover - especially as the rally saves its best till last. The first stage of the final night is the immense Loch Tuath / Calgary Bay stage; a gruelling 21-miler that sorts the wheat from the chaff!


So, after the third and final leg has been completed sometime on Sunday morning, what are you left with? Well, hopefully a winner! Well, several winners to be precise. Crews are battling not just for the overall win but for several class titles up for grabs, each based on the type of car they are competing in. In addition there are awards handed out for the best turned out car, most entertaining car and a number of other interesting categories.


However, all that can wait. The first thing you want to do at the end of the final leg is sleep. Correction · the first thing you want to do at the end of the final leg is have a beer - then sleep. Or, as is more likely the case, have a beer whilst sleeping. I kid you not · if you should find yourself outside Macgochan’s in the early hours of Sunday morning after the event has finished · take a look around and see how many people you spot fast asleep hands clasped around empty pint-pots! It’s hard to describe the feeling when you’re finished · first is intense euphoria that your car has made it through over 170 competitive stage miles to the finish - though by the end of the weekend rally car, chase car and service barge will completed nearer a thousand miles! No wonder then that all the team want to do now is sleep. 


Once the time cards have been handed in and you’ve all congratulated yourselves on a job well done it’s time to head back up to the digs. At which point you let out a huge sigh of relief that all went well. There are a million thoughts running round your head and countless stories you’re dieing to tell to the rest of your team mates, but all that can wait till later in the day - now it’s time for much needed slee...

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