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Brown & Son, Tobermory

Jan 31,2006 by Julian Grattidge

I can’t begin to imagine how many crews this shop must have helped over the years (and that’s aside from the three teams it sponsors each year). I know that we’ve certainly been in on numerous occasions to find those vital little odds & ends that never seem to be in the service barge when you need them most! Brown’s is essentially an Ironmongers and wine merchants (told you we’d been in!).

The store stocks more fine whisky than you could ever drink (perfect for taking back home as presents) garden supplies, paints and varnishes, mountianbike hire and general supplies & sundries for DIY. In addition you’ll find lots of arts and crafts, pet supplies, and every battery possible along with a fine selection of torches and electrical goods, which will ensure your stay on the island is a pleasurable one.

Providing a traditional, friendly and knowledgeable service for five generations.

A. BROWN & SON, Tobermory
Tel. 01688 302020
Fax. 01688 302454
21 Main Street
, Tobermory

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