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Apr 11,2006  by Steven Myers

How Addictive Is The Tour Of Mull?

imageI’ve only been to the rally (or even the island) once, in 2005, but already I believe it’s got me! As other articles have said, ... [full story]

Feb 07,2006  by Julian Grattidge

In-Car ‘moment’ - SS15 Tuath / Calgary, 2005 TOM

imageJamie Smith kindly sent us a link to some of his fantastic in-car footage, this clip featuring a ‘slight-off’ on the 2005 Tour of ... [full story]

Feb 07,2006  by Julian Grattidge

2005 Tour of Mull... ‘The usual disasters’ Part 2

imageIn this, the second part of Jamie Smith’s 2005 Tour of Mull article, we pick up the action at the beginning of the ... [full story]

Feb 07,2006  by Julian Grattidge

2005 Tour of Mull... ‘The usual disasters’ Part 1

imageAs we all know, sometimes things don’t quite go according to plan, and there’s often no better place for things to go wrong than on ... [full story]

Jan 31,2006  by Julian Grattidge

2005 Class Win for Teambrowns!

imageIn this piece, Doug Weir & Duncan Brown retell their exploits on the 2005 Tour of mull: Worryingly quick - that's the two word ... [full story]

Jan 01,2006  by Elton

The Tour Of Mull Rally by Julian Grattidge

imageThe Tour of Mull Rally is recognised by true rally aficionados as being one of the best closed road events in existence today. Indeed the ... [full story]

Jan 03,2006  by Julian Grattidge

A Drivers Perspective...

imageTHE TUNNOCKS TOUR OF MULL 2005 So it all began approximately 14 or 15 Mull’s ago when I was dragged ... [full story]

Jan 04,2006  by Julian Grattidge

1999 Tour of Mull

imageSome things go together like chalk and cheese, others are a perfect fit. Take Subaru Impreza’s and rallysport for example; each is now synonymous with ... [full story]

Jan 04,2006  by Julian Grattidge

Tour of Mull Past Winners

imageOn this page I’ve highlighted winners and runners up since 1999. I’ve been going to Mull since 92’ but can’t remember that far back (too many ... [full story]

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